Windows 8/10 on Dell Vostro 3550 not working [SOLVED]


On the 31th of May 2012 Microsoft released the latest ‘test’ version of Windows 8. My plan was to use Windows 8 from that version in production. I did this also with Windows Vista and Windows 7 and I never had any problems with both OS’s.

So I googled around and found several monitor related problems regarding my Dell Vostro 3550. In those topics the proposed solution was to install the Release Preview version of Windows 8. Unfortunately this was not the solution so I ended up with a laptop with a black screen after the ‘Windows 8 Splash Screen’.

I have tried all the possible solutions which I have found. See below a summary:

  • Tried the driver which is included in the Windows 8 Release Preview
  • Installed the Intel® HD Graphics Beta Driver for Windows 8* 64 – Version:
  • Updated the BIOS to the latest version
  • Solution from several Forum Topics around Dell Vostro 3550 and Intel HD3000

The only working solution is to disable the Intel HD3000 Display Adapter. The downside of this workaround is that the resolution of Windows 8 is dramatic. Based on above options I created or commented on some forum posts:

The disappointed part is that none of the them will take responsibility for this problem and are willing to resolve this.

Dell says we don´t support Beta releases of operating systems,
Intel says you have to go to Dell or ATI with your problems
Microsoft says go to Dell or Intel with your problems.

Bottom line: The problem will not be solved!

UPDATE 7-10-2012: Dell Released a new BIOS update which solved this problem!