Client news for RDS and Azure RemoteApp


Yesterday some exciting news is published around the clients which can be used in RDS and Azure RemoteApp. First a new preview of the Microsoft Remote Desktop Preview client for Windows 10. Yesterday evening a new ‘Private Public Preview’ of the new HTML5 client is announced. So great announcements and in this blogpost I want to show you some screenshots of the HTML5 client and also the new Microsoft Remote Desktop Preview client.
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MVP Award


Yesterday when celebrating ‘New-Year’ with my family I received an awesome email. Microsoft presented me my first MVP award in the category: Enterprise Mobility.

This is really a great start of 2016! I’m really proud and honored that my contributions are rewarded with a MVP Award. In 2016 I will continue sharing my knowledge by presenting on events and blogging on this blog. The focus will remain the same: Remote Desktop Services and Azure RemoteApp (and related technology).

Thanks again to Microsoft and you as a reader of my blog!