Using Azure MFA cloud based protection with the RD Gateway


Last week Microsoft released Azure MFA cloud based protection from your on premise servers/devices. In this blogpost Microsoft announced this functionality and showed how this can be used with a VPN device. Before yesterday you had to install the Azure MFA server to provide MFA to RDS sessions through the RD Gateway. Since the MFA Server and the cloud based MFA were different systems with different settings for users this was not the most ideal situation. But with this new functionality we can use the cloud based MFA for the RD Gateway role. If you’re looking for a detailed description about how to setup the RD Gateway with the on premise MFA servers please check this blogpost.
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New Job Challenge


Today is the day that I’m joining KPN Consulting as a Technical Consultant focusing on Remote Desktop Services and the Enterprise Mobility + Security Suite. In the past years I’ve done great projects for Inovativ but today I’m really excited about joining KPN Consulting and want to help customers of KPN Consulting with questions/challenges around the ‘Workplace of tomorrow’ of course within my focus area RDS and EM+S.

At KPN Consulting I will continue to share knowledge through my blog and when speaking on events. So stay tuned for more blogposts around Remote Desktop Services and the Enterprise Mobility + Security Suite. One last note which I want to make is the information which you will find on this blog is my personal opinion and not the opinion of