Blog Renamed and renewed focus


As you may have noticed this month it was a little bit quiet on my blog. No new posts on the ‘normal’ topics you expect from me. Well this has to do with me thinking about my blog and the content of my blog. I decided to rename my blog and also change the focus of my blog to other products/services. Normally you expect blogposts about OpsMgr, SvcMgr and Orchestrator. These on-premise products of the System Center suite will not go away but I want to focus on other products/services. I want to expand my blog with Azure Services and more focusing on the Enterprise Mobility Suite delivered by the Azure Cloud platform. I renamed my blog to ‘The Microsoft Platform and Workplace Blog’. In the coming period I want to focus on the following product/services:

So you can expect blogposts about the above products and services and less blogposts about System Center. I will not completely stop blogging about the on-premise System Center products but it will not have my focus!

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