Azure RemoteApp: User Connection Error


Today I configured a new Hybrid Azure RemoteApp environment. The deployment was successful without any errors. Afterwards I configured my user access and published my applications. When the first users logs on to the Azure RemoteApp environment I received the following error:

Since this is a Hybrid deployment my starting point was the Azure Management Portal, the portal says that the user is logging in. But clearly the logon process fails. I checked the Session Host and no login event is received on the Session Host servers. After some thinking I realized that this problem could be UPN related. I checked my on-premise user account and found that my UPN configuration was not correct. The UPN of the user was the ‘local’ on-premise domain. As a prerequisite of Azure RemoteApp the UPN need to be changed to the UPN used in Azure. After changing the UPN to the one used in Microsoft Azure everything starts working for this user.

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