Monitor your Azure RemoteApp environment with OpInsight – Part 2


In the first part I explained how you can connect your Azure RemoteApp instances to Azure Operational Insights. You can find this blogpost here. In this blogpost I want to show you which Solutions are very usefull and which give you a great insight in your Azure RemoteApp environment in terms of management. In a hybrid scenario it’s your own responsibility to protect and maintain your environment. OpInsight can help you with giving you insights in what actions are needed for your Azure RemoteApp environment. The following solutions will be covered by this blogpost: Malware Assessment, System Update Assessment and Change Tracking.

The first step is to activate these solutions. This can be easily done by adding them to your own OpInsight workspace. When added the management packs will be downloaded on the Agents and information will be send to OpInsight. In 1 hour the Malware and Change Tracking solution will show data about your environment. The System Update solution needs more time; in my environment it took 12 hours before data was visible in OpInsight. See below the screenshots of my environment before ‘activating’ management:

Malware Assessment:

System Update Assessment:

Change Tracking:

Based on the above solutions my Azure RemoteApp instances are not protected by an Antimalware solution and not updated with the latest updates. So I decided to implement System Center Endpoint Protection and also updated my current Azure RemoteApp instances. After those actions my dashboard looks like this:

Malware Assessment:

System Update Assessment:


Change Tracking Overview:

Change Tracking detailed list of changes:

Some final remarks based on my experience when creating this blogpost:

  • The System Update Assessment ‘Dashboard View’ is only updated once a day with the new data from agents. Based on my own experience during the night the data is refreshed and the dashboard will show the updated data.
  • The Microsoft Monitoring Agent showed an error in the Operations Manager for the following workflow: Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.Advisor.PatchManagement.PatchManagementProbe. This was only when SCCM 2016 TP2 was used for Software Updates. When using Microsoft Update or WSUS the error was not shown. I created a user voice entry for the error, you can find the link here. At this moment there is no reaction on this user voice feedback item.
  • It can take up to several hours before changes in the Malware Assessment are visible in the Dashboard.

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