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Yesterday some exciting news is published around the clients which can be used in RDS and Azure RemoteApp. First a new preview of the Microsoft Remote Desktop Preview client for Windows 10. Yesterday evening a new ‘Private Public Preview’ of the new HTML5 client is announced. So great announcements and in this blogpost I want to show you some screenshots of the HTML5 client and also the new Microsoft Remote Desktop Preview client.

Microsoft Remote Desktop Preview Client

The Microsoft Remote Desktop Preview Client is a build as a Universal Application. The new version which has been announced in this blogpost has a version of 844, the following functionality is added in this release:

  • Support for Windows 10 Mobile
  • Support for Continuum for Windows Phone (needs a supported device)
  • Added the ability to send keyboard commands to the Remote PC

Currently this client only supports Remote Desktop Service environments. Support for Azure RemoteApp is expected in the next versions as this client is still in active development. This is your chance to influence the development of this client by making feature request and report bugs. If you want to see a preview of the client please visit this blogpost of the RDS team.

Azure RemoteApp HTML5 Client

Tonight the RDS team announced the Private Public Preview of the HTML5 client. This was announced in the December update blogpost which can be found here. You need to nominate yourself to use the HTML5 client in your own Azure RemoteApp environment. This can be done by entering your request here. MVP Freek Berson has created an excellent blogpost about his experiences with this new client, you can find this blogpost here. Pay attention to the current limitations at the end of his blogpost. With current limitations this client is a great step forward! Below some screenshots of the client from Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome.

Microsoft Edge


Google Chrome


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