New Blogposts are coming!


The last month it was really quiet on my blog. The reason for this was that several projects took all my spare time. Since these project are now on track I can start blogging again. You can expect in the coming weeks blogposts about the following topics:

  • Blogpost about the ‘Publish applications to individual users in an Azure RemoteApp collection (Preview)’;
  • Last part of the User Environment Management blog series covering RES Workspace Management Suite;
  • Blogpost about saving your Users data in the cloud with Azure RemoteApp and Office365.

Beside blogging on my own blog I’m also one of the bloggers of the Microsoft Operations Management Suit blog which you can find here. On this blog you will find a lot of information regarding the Operations Management Suite. My focus on this blog will be using OMS to monitor you RDS or Azure RemoteApp environment.

Hope to see you back in the coming weeks!

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