This week’s Remote Desktop Services news


This small blogpost is dedicated to inform you about an important hotfix and the release of the Remote Desktop Planning poster which is available for some weeks now.

KB3192404 (Preview of Monthly Rollup)

Within this Rollup update a hotfix for the User Profile Mechanism is included. In the article this is described as:

“Addressed issue where the user profile disk (UPD) does not get unmounted when a user logs off. Therefore, users get temporary profiles and are not able to work with their own profiles during their next logon. The Event ID 20491 with a description of “Remote Desktop Services could not disconnect a user disk for the user account with a SID of <SID>. The error code is 0xAA.93″ will be logged”

The preview of this Monthly Quality Rollup update can be found here:

Remote Desktop Service Planning Poster

The Remote Desktop Services Poster is already some weeks available but I never had the time to mention it in one of my blogposts. This poster covers Planning and Designing a Remote Desktop Services. Beside this phase the poster also covers the Build and Deploy phase as well the Run and Tune phase. This is a very complete overview of Remote Desktop Services 2016.

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