RDS 2016 User Profile Disk Configuration Error


A very short blogpost about an deployment error which I had this week:

This week I had an issue with configuring the User Profile Disk mechanism in a fresh Windows Server 2016 RDS environment. Every time when I try to enable the user profile disk mechanism it came back with the error: Could not create the template VHD. Error Message: -800391163. So the User Profile Disk mechanism was not activated and the template VHD was not created, however the NTFS rights where configured on the share. I tried several things but the solution was pretty easy. In my case this error came through a misconfiguration of the share permissions of the share. So the NTFS permissions were configured as needed but on a share level the RD Broker/Session Hosts didn’t had access. When I granted access to those servers the issue was fixed and I was able to configure the User Profile disk mechanism on the collection.

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