App-V 5.1 Note-to-self’s


Last week I installed a fresh new App-V environment. With this short blogpost I want to share 2 configuration ‘note-to-selfs’ which I encountered during the installation and configuration. Both are really obvious configurations but it took me some time to discover the solution. So also for my own reference I want to describe them on my blog.

Change the App-V Management Console from HTTP to HTTPS

One of the requirements of this deployment was the use of HTTPS for the App-V components. So the Management Service and the Bublishing Service had to use HTTPS. The App-V Publishing service was easy to reconfigure by changing the configuration of the IIS Website from HTTP to HTTPS. For the Management Server I followed the same procedure but after changing the IIS Website configuration of the App-V Management Web Service I was unable to add new applications through the App-V Management console and PowerShell. After some troubleshooting I discovered the following Registry entries which also need to be changed after changing the binding of the App-V Management Web Service. The following registry entries need to be changed to the correct HTTPS url:


Note: The entered URL need to be valid according to the certificate assigned to the App-V Management Service.

App-V clients receiving error ‘Error code: 0x45500D27 – 0x80190191’

After installing and testing the App-V environment, multiple clients where receiving the following error during sync with the publishing server: Error code: 0x45500D27 – 0x80190191.

This error was caused by having ‘Global’ refresh enabled on the clients and have ‘Anonymous Authentication’ disabled on the Publishing Server. After disabling the Global Refresh the clients were able to sync with the Publishing Server. The strange thing is that even a User Refresh was not working when the Global Refresh option was enabled. Global refresh can be disabled by changing the following settings in your Group Policy:

After making this change all client were able to synchronize with the App-V Publishing Server.

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