Deploy MSI apps through the new Intune Portal


With Microsoft Intune we can deploy MSI applications to MDM enrolled Windows 10 devices. This functionality is already available within the ‘old’ Microsoft Intune portal. In the early days of the new portal ( it was not possible to add the MSI applications through the new portal. Microsoft has now added this functionality to the new portal. This blogpost shows how you can easily add the application through the new portal. Based on my experience the process is improved and the whole experience is much better than the old portal infrastructure.

In this blogpost I’m using KeePass as example application to deploy through the new portal infrastructure:

  1. First go to and open the Intune Section and go to Mobile Apps:

  2. Click on Apps and on the ‘+ Add‘ icon to add a new application.
  3. Select ‘Line-of-business App‘ as application type and click on Select File to select the MSI application:

  4. Click on OK and then click on configure to add the application information.
  5. Fill in at least the Name, Description and Publisher of the application. All other information is not required. In the screenshot below you can see an example how to add the information of the application. Also pay attention how easy it is to add an application image compared to the old portal:

  6. Click on OK and click on Add. The application will be added to Intune. Sometimes you will see the message below during the upload of the MSI. The upload process can some time but normally completes within 30 seconds:

  7. Next step is to assign the application to a AzureAD group with your users. Click on Assignments and click on Select Groups. Select your group and click on Select:

  8. Next step is to choose the method of deployment. You can choose one of the following options:

  9. Select the right option and click on Save. Your application is successfully added and can be installed from the company portal on the users devices:


When the end-user starts the company portal the KeePass application become available to install:

When the user clicks on the KeePass application the application can be installed by clicking on Install:

The application installation should start immediately and should finish successfully:

2 thoughts on “Deploy MSI apps through the new Intune Portal

  1. Prashanth

    Hi, Thanks for the Post, I need one information , I am creating application in New intune portal but the
    apps never get diplayed in Company portal or getting installed to any machines and status always as 0..
    Please help me from where I can start troubleshooting.

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