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When you’re using Windows Analytics you’ve probably noticed that from Windows 10 1803 device names are not visible anymore within Log Analytics. For Windows 10 1709 and earlier the device name was part of the telemetry data which is uploaded to Windows Analytics. From Windows 10 1803 devices names are not part of the telemetry data by default. The result is that the device name will be cleared as soon as the device is upgraded to Windows 10 1803. If you have queries based on device names this could lead to failing queries. In this blogpost I want to share a solution for this issue.

As explained from Windows 10 1803 device names are not visible by default in Windows Analytics. Looking up the Windows 10 devices in Windows Analytics give the following results:


To get the device names back in Windows Analytics we need to configure the AllowDeviceNameInTelemetry setting on Windows 10 1803 devices. On this documentation link you will find more information about this setting: The documentation says this setting can be configured through a GPO or MDM (CSP). Unfortunately the setting cannot be configured through a CSP at the moment. Beside the CSP the current ADMX backed policies can also not be used to configure this setting. So the only way to configure this setting at this moment is to use PowerShell. In this blogpost I want to show you how to configure this setting through the Intune PowerShell functionality.

First we need a PowerShell script to configure the setting. Microsoft has already created a Windows Analytics deployment script which you can find here. Based on this script I created the below script which only configures the DeviceNameOptIn value on the device.

Next step is to import the script in Intune. You can do this by going to the Azure Portal –> Intune –> Device Configuration –> PowerShell Scripts and then click on Add. Fill in all the required information and click on Create:


After the script is created it needs to be assigned. In my case I’m using the same group as used for other Windows Analytics settings:


Next step is to check if the policy arrives on the client and the setting is added to the registry:


Finally lets check how the devices will show within Windows Analytics:


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