SCCM vNext CEP Program Application Management Part 1


Last week we had the first part of the Application Management meetings from the CEP program. The primary takeaways from these session were:

  • Mainstream software distribution is made better, easier and faster
  • vNext Software Distribution enables: User Centric Client Management is introduced, Ability to deploy software to devices and new advanced application technologies and screnarios

In this meeting the team focused on the Empower Part of User Centric Client Management in vNext.

The following topics are covered in this ‘Empower Part’:

  • Enables IT to provide a flexible environment.
  • Users must have the ability to connect from anywhere on any device the choose
  • Automatically detects network conditions and device configuration to determine the most appropriate services.

Configuration Manager vNext does have the following new features  for Software Distribution:

  • Improvements on the application Model
    • Incorporates all supported software types such as MSI, Scripted Install Software, App-V Applications and mobile applications
    • Better dependency handling
    • It’s now possible to add installation requirement rules for software
    • User device Affinity. This is the ability to say on software installs on certain computers and don’t install on other computers.
    • The monitoring part of deploying software is improved. The in-console monitoring is improved.
    • New End user features as Software Catalog (Webportal where users can search for software and install it) and a Software Center
    • Beter Content Management on distribution points
      • State Based Distribution Groups; the ability to group Distribution points and deploy software through these distribution groups
      • Improved placing of software on the distribution points, such as single instance content store

See below the comparison diagram  of the changing names and functionalities:

In the 2007 version of Configuration Manager the App-V integration is not the most optimal integration. In vNext there are some imporovement which are needed:

  • Integration requires the App-V 4.6 Client
  • Also new improved User Centric features
    • Enable support for application dependencies
    • Improved Update behaviors
    • Selective publishing of components
    • Dynamic Suite Support
    • Integration with Remote Desktop Services
    • Content Impovements
      • Streaming improvements
      • Reduce virtual App Footprint when using Download and execute

So thankfully there are some improvements on the App-V integration. In the next weeks I will test the new integration and will come back on this topic

As said earlier one of the new things is the Software Catalog. The Software catalog is there for end-users to:

  • Browse and search for software
    • Fully localized for site and applications
    • Search via category or name
    • Install Software
      • Direct self-installation from software catalog
      • Automatic installation after approval
      • Request Application
        • Request approval for software
        • View request history


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