Installing Opalis 6.2.2 ServicePack 1


After the installation of Opalis which is described on my last two blogs there are 2 things what needs to be done. The 1st thing is to install ServicePack 1 and second one is creating a service for the Operator Console. The first one will be covered in this blogpost. The steps which described below are partly from the install documentation and from my expierence in installing Service Pack 1.

1. Extract the contents of the downloaded Opalis Integration Server 6.2.2 Service Pack file
2. Run the extracted OpalisServicePack1.exe file
3. Click twice on Next
4. Click no OK and don’t change the unzip folder and click on Unzip
Update the File Management Objects
1. Open the Management Server installation folder, by default located in %SystemDrive%Program FilesOpalis SoftwareOpalis Integration ServerManagement Service. Browse to the ComponentsObjects folder.
2. Replace the existing OpalisIntegrationServer_FoundationObjects.msi file with the OpalisIntegrationServer_FoundationObjects.msi file provided in this service pack.
3. Perform the following steps to deploy the new Foundation Objects on all Action Servers and Clients:
a. Verify that no policies are running, and that no clients or Testing Consoles are open on the computer that you are updating.
b. In Add or Remove Programs, uninstall Opalis Integration Server – Foundation Objects.
c. Run the OpalisIntegrationServer_FoundationObjects.msi installer. Do not change any of the default values on the installation screens.
Update the Operator Console
1. Stop the Operator Console.
2. Copy the file to the computer on which the Operator Console server is installed.
3. Right-click, and then click Extract All.
4. Specify or Browse to the location where the Operator Console server was installed during the initial Operator Console server installation. If you followed part 2 of my install opalis blog the location is: C:OperatorConsole.
5. Click Extract.
6. On the Confirm Folder Replace page, click Yes for all folders.
7. On the Copy File page, click Copy and Replace for all files. Confirm that the existing files were successfully replaced with the updated files.
8. Start the Operator Console.

After following these steps ServicePack 1 is installed.

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