Installing App-V 4.5 SP2 on 4.6 Management Server


This week Microsoft released App-V 4.5 SP2. The release notes introduced the following new functions:

  • Support for Office 2010: App-V 4.5 SP2 now supports the virtualization of Microsoft Office 2010.
  • Support for Database Mirroring: App-V 4.5 SP2 now supports Microsoft SQL Server Database Mirroring.
  • Customer Feedback and Hotfix Rollup: App-V 4.5 SP2 also includes a rollup of fixes to address issues found after the App-V  4.5 SP1 release.

The support for database mirroring is a very interested new function. But how about database mirroring on my App-V 4.6 infrastructure. I looked at the version of my App-V 4.6 server, the version was So technically it’s also possible to install the servicepack on my 4.6 infrastructure. I give it a try:

I looked in my database on which version my server was runnning. I did the following query:

SELECT hostname,version FROM dbo.SERVERS;

The result was:

Hostname: ###### ——- Version:

Below the steps I did:

1. Download the patch from here

2. Unzip the download file and start the setup_upgrade.exe from the Management Server folder

3. On the welcome screen click Next

4. Accept the terms and click Next

5. Choose your option on the Windows Update screen and click Next

6. Note that the access to the Management Server will be disbabled and click Next

7. Check if the database information is correct and click Next

8. Click Next

9. Click Upgrade

10. After the Upgrade restart the Management Server

After the restart I ran the query again:

Hostname: ###### ——- Version:

The result is that my 4.6 App-V Management Server is upgraded with a 4.5 SP2. Very nice logic, but it works. Now it’s time for in dept testing!!

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