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Two days ago Microsoft released a new version of the SQL Management Packs for SQL 2005 to 2014. SQL Server 2014 has it’s own Management Pack but is also updated to Beside the updated packs Microsoft released new dedicated SQL Reporting Services (Native) Management Packs for the versions 2008/2012/2014.

The Management pack for SQL Server 2005/2008/2012 contains the following changes (Based on the Management Pack documentation):

  • New dashboards (instance level and database level) for both SQL 2008 and SQL 2012);
  • Integration with Microsoft SQL Server Presentation Management Pack, the folder and views structure has been updated;
  • Support of localized performance counters (CPU and Disk metrics) has been added;
  • Monitors have been updated to use consecutive samples instead of average sample value;
  • Removed SQL Default Action Run AS from Write Actions;
  • None-Default port is now supported;
  • New property – Server Role Type;
  • Performance collection rules have been updated to use none-optimized performance collection to improve the accuracy of daily and hourly-aggregated data;
  • AllwaysOn Read-Intent error fixed, Read-Intent Monitoring is not supported;
  • Performance counter object name changed for a number of rule;
  • Discoveries have been disabled for Analysis Services and Reporting Services;
  • Icons updated for a number of classes;
  • Minor fixes.

The Management Pack for SQL Server 2014 contains the following changes (Based on the Management Pack documentation):

  • Database discovery fix for Standard Edition

This are the download links to the management packs.

Update Experiences:

I installed the new SQL 2005/2008/2012 MP in my environment and I encountered no problems with updating the existing ones. See below a screenshot of one of the new dashboards included in the updated version of the Management Pack:


I will update this post if there are know issues with this Management Pack. At the moment there are no known issues with this version of the Management Pack.

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    Have you seen issues with SQL SSRS 2012 discovery, with SSRS DB that uses non-standard port (not 1433)?

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