SCOM 2012 MP: Dynamics CRM 2013 available


Microsoft finally released a version of the Dynamics CRM 2013 Management Pack. This Management pack was a missing part in monitoring the Dynamics environments. Based on the documentation the following information about this management pack is available:

This management pack requires at least Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2007 SP1 or a later and no special configuration is needed to install this Management Pack. The Management pack can be downloaded from this location:

As always read the management pack documentation before you install this management pack in your environments.

Please note the following information about collecting performance information through this Management Pack. The information below is directly from the management pack documentation:

Enabling Performance Threshold Rules

It is very difficult to deliver a performance threshold rule that is suitable for most environments; therefore, performance threshold rules are initially disabled. Before you enable a performance threshold rule, you should establish a baseline for the relevant performance counters, and then apply the appropriate overrides to define and enable a suitable threshold for your environment.

Tuning Performance Collection Rules

Although the Operations Manager management pack for CRM 2013 does not contain any default performance thresholds, all the performance collection rules are turned on by default. These performance collection rules write to the Operations Manager database and the data can be used to analyze performance trends and create reports. You can also configure performance collection rules to generate alerts if they surpass certain thresholds.

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