SCOM 2012: New updates to Squared Up (version 1.9)


Yesterday I attended a webinar about a new version of the Squared Up dashboarding solution for System Center Operations Manager 2012. Squared Up contains beside a dashboard functionality also an Alert management and reporting functionality. Squared Up is written in HTML5 and therefore usable on almost all devices.

Before I will start with the improvements coming with the 1.9 version of the product I want to show you one image of how Squared Up works. The image below all the thing which you need to know to start with Squared Up.


As you can see the installation of Squared Up is straightforward en easy. Squared Up uses your SCOM RBAC configuration so no additional configuration is needed.  The current version of the product is version 1.8. In the coming weeks version 1.9 will be available. Yesterday Squared Up organized a webinar to show us the new functionality. The following new functionality will be available in version 1.9

  1. Update to the performance plugin
    With the new version of the performance plugin you can add the state of a monitor to the performance graph so that the color of the value matches the state of the monitor which is configured. With this update it’s possible to match the performance information with the state of the monitoring objects.

  2. Export to Excel functionality
    With the Export to Excel functionality it’s possible to export the performance graphs to excel. This includes the data below the performance graph. With Excel you can easily manipulate the information. During the demo Squared up showed how easily you can no create some trend reporting based on these exports.

  3. SQL Plugin
    With the new SQL plugin you can present information from SQL data sources on your dashboard. With this plugin you can query a SQL database and present the output on your dashboards. This is a very nice new feature with a lot of great capabilities!

With these 3 new functionalities another great improvement is made by Squared Up.

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