Squared Up: Upgrading version 1.9 to 2.0


This blogpost is about upgrading your existing 1.9 version of Squared Up to new released version 2.0. Squared Up is a very rich HTML 5 dashboarding solution with Alert and Reporting functionality. Squared Up can replace your existing Operations Manager Web Console. Version 1.9 already contained very rich functionalities to replace your Web Console but with version 2.0 we get improvements. A list of new functionality and the download can be found here.

The steps below will describe the process of upgrading your existing version of Squared Up.

1. Make a backup of the folder: C:\inetpub\wwwroot\SquaredUp\Configuration\Views and copy this backup off from the server. This is the folder where your dashboards are saved. The installer will also take care of this but just to be sure

2. Then start the installer of version 2.0 and click Next


3. Click on ‘I accept the license agreement’ and click Next


4. In this step you decide what the installer will do with your current version of Squared Up. You have the following options:

  • Side-by-side. (This is the recommended installation option). The installer will not touch the current installed version and will install version 2 in a seperate virtual directory on you web server. Settings of 1.0 wil be migrated to this new installation
  • Replace. This will upgrade your existing version to 2.0.

In my case I want to replace v1 with v2. Select the option ‘Replace’ and click Next


5.Select Next to start the upgrade


6. Check the name of your Management Server and click Next. If the server is incorrect please type in the correct Management Server Name.


7. Click Finish to end the upgrade


9. Go to http://localhost/SquaredUp and check if your upgrade is successful.


This was it, you have upgraded Squared Up to version 2. Enjoy!

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