SCOM 2012: Powershell Maintenance Mode Script


Putting hosts in Maintenance mode through the SCOM console is not the fasted way when you have more than 1 host on which you want to activate Maintenance Mode and when the host is also part of a cluster it’s not enough to only add a maintenance window for that host. You will still receive cluster alerts from the cluster on where the host resides. So today I created the first version of  my own Maintenance Mode script. The script has the following functionality: Continue reading

ConfigMgr 2012 pre-requisites installation script


Based on the existing script from Jörgen Nilsson ( I have created my own ConfigMgr 2012 pre-requisites installation script. I have made the following adjustments:


– Used Powershell function ‘Add-WindowsFeature’ instead of deprecated ‘ServerManagerCMd -i’ command
– Automatically download of .Net 4.0 Framework redistributable
– Removed the installation of KB2552033. This update needs to be installed seperately


It’s a basic script, at the moment there is no error reporting available. The script can be downloaded here: Download Here


Besides the pre-reqs which will be installed through the script you need to solve the pre-reqs stated below:


– Grant Administrator rights on the SQL server if the database is hosted on a seperate server
– Prepare the Active Directory and grant rights on the System Management container
– Install WSUS if you plan to use the Software Updates functionality
– Install KB2552033 if needed


If you have any questions or suggestions for the script, please let me know!